Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet, Sweet, Summertime!

So now it is summer, this fact is quite true. People like to stay inside the NCED, but what do ducks do? Well I’m glad you asked! You see, ducks do more in the summer than they do in the spring, winter, or fall, and knowing our family, we do nothing that is small.
We’re planning a family vacation; I think we’ll take the shuttle. Bricktown sounds fun on Saturday but to make it we’ll have to scuttle. The Ducklings sleep in on the warm weekend days, while Maureen gets up early to sneak in some extra sunny rays. Myself, I like the pool; it’s just as refreshing as it is fun. I like volleyball, marco-polo, and swimming races; there isn’t a water game I haven’t won. I’m out there from 5:30am until dark at midnight. If you think your fingers and toes would look shriveled, well my flippers are quite a sight. The fine folks at fitness teach the ducklings advanced swimming lessons; they strive to be the best all-duck synchronized swimming team. Those cute quackers want to represent the NCED in the upcoming Olympics.  Their goal may seem lofty but Muscovy ducks aim high! We do much more than wait by the guard gate and wave as you pass by.  
So when you pass us this summer, by the pool or on the lawn, we’ll be working on our tans- say "hi", and then move along.
Mac, Maureen, and the NCED synchronized duck swimming team

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