Friday, August 10, 2012

Flappy August NCED-ers!

In case you haven’t left the housing facility lately, I’d like to report non-stop feather-fraying heat and humidity outside. I can’t believe is almost quack to school time!  If Maureen and I didn’t occasionally hop on the shuttle to Wal-Mart to witness all the school supplies on display, we would have sworn 6 more weeks of summer. But I’m no groundhog, so it’s time to organize the welcoming committee for all the Sooner students flooding back to town! Oh, and we can’t forget that behind every student is their parents, making the trek to Norman to stock their kids up on toilet paper and provide free labor. The ducklings made their way over to the dorms last fall with intent to get a taste of the college experience but after almost getting crushed by a shower caddy and microwaved for a quick snack, they flapped home as fast as their flippers could flip. Let me tell you, never underestimate the power of a college freshman’s appetite. No wonder all the students want to stop in for breakfast when their parents stay here!
Here on property, the beginning of the semester is just as hectic for us resident ducks and geese. Maureen enjoys homeschooling some of the younger and more timid ducklings, but the rest of the brood ventures around the pond to attend public school with the geese. As a father of many fuzzy flappers I was initially concerned about the influence the geese would have on my brood (everyone knows that geese are excessively tardy and disruptive in class) but throughout the years my ducklings have made the honor roll and have upheld the marvelous Muscovy reputation. Maureen and I think that our ducklings learn their stupendous work ethic from watching all the postal students study. Now, the start of classes is great and everything but I know that everyone is trying not to be too distracted by the upcoming start of FOOTBALL! The ducklings are actually hassling me to toss around the ol’ pigskin and you know I can’t resist, so I will check in with you guys sooner rather than later!
Have a quacktastic rest of your summer!
-          Mack, Maureen, and our feathery family

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