Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NCED Special Report: When Geese Attack

Stepping outside, you are guaranteed to encounter birds and ducks roaming freely around the property, but where will you be the next time the geese attack?
Sergeant police chief, Mac here to educate all you fine hotel patrons about the dangers lurking in every courtyard. We have records of geese robbing pedestrians of personal items such as sunglasses, but why would a goose need sunglasses? The more you think about it, the more twisted the crime becomes. It seems that these thieves steal for the thrill of it and that’s just intolerable! This past week an unsuspecting spouse found herself running for her life with an enraged goose flapping behind her. The goose was not satisfied until the poor woman tumbled to the ground. The only witness was the woman’s husband who was too busy laughing at the situation to intervene. Rest assured the Muscovy duck police force is not taking this matter lightly. “A new brood of ducklings was just born and they are already being trained to secure the perimeters” says assistant police Chief Maureen. The victim of the most recent goose attack was able to walk away with minimal injuries, a tiny scraped knee and the haunting memories of her husband finding her attack hilarious seem to be the only damage….this time. Remember, the geese are out there but so is the most rigidly trained duck police force in Oklahoma (and probably the world)

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