Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring is here!

Well spring is springing, the birds are singing, and we ducks are beginning to get excited about all the things that happen in the spring! One of my most favorite events to waddle over to is the Norman Medieval Fair! You betcha I dress up, get an enormous funnel cake, and partake in spontaneous sword fighting. Lately the ducklings have been asking about taking a camel ride and jumping in the bouncy house, and as their father, I decided they are finally old enough to waddle on the wild side this year. Prepare for a Medieval Muscovy takeover, Norman! Maureen and I try our best to partake in regular family traditions and Easter is no exception.  There’s nothing we love more than a spirited egg hunt, but we find it so much more challenging to go seek out OTHER people’s hidden Easter eggs! If you think that fluffy white bunnies and sweet yellow chicks’ Easter staples, you’ve obviously never seen a brood of sugar crazed Muscovy ducks rampaging across the grass, focused on filling their Easter baskets. When we’ve eaten all our peeps and we’re absolutely sure that no eggs have eluded us, it’s time to sit back and take a dip in the pond. Every year Maureen enlists all the ducklings and sometimes the geese (but they’re pretty much a lost cause) to help out with some spring cleaning! By nature we Muscovy ducks have a very keen eye for aesthetics and excel in fine landscaping. However, each year we find that grooming the entire NCED grounds to be a bigger job than anticipated and by June we resign to quackin’ poolside. Speakin’ of splashin- the pool will plan to open April first! We’re all geared up to spring into spring, are you?  I’ll flap ya on the flip side NCED-ers!
-          Mac & Moe

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