Monday, January 23, 2012

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
We’re freezing our tails off,
Can we come live with you?
Oh, I’m just pullin’ your beak, the NCED pond is home all year round! But hey, I hope that the ducklings, Maureen, and I are on your valentines list. You people know that we are the most spirited Muscovy ducks in town and we won’t rest until everyone on property has a little candy hearts box. For many of our ducklings this is their first February the fourteenth and honestly, they seem a bit flustered! I, being the ladies duck that I am, have tried to give them my best wooing techniques. What is my no-fail, go-to move you ask? The wacky-waddle waltz! Just ask Maureen; She was so incredibly impressed with my waddle waltz that she was wooed after my first waddle and has been my valentine ever since. But let me warn you, with moves that smooth you are bound to attract some geese!  Nothing against the geese, they need love too but have you ever dated or even gotten close to a goose? Those birds will flap you across the beak faster than you can say “doilies”.  Goose troubles aside I can say that I’m filled with warm feelings for all of my valentines at the NCED. So far we’ve even managed to hold on to some sunshine (the weather makers in the skies must be pleased with the offerings of twigs and popcorn we’ve been arranging for them). Even though we love the winter weather, the warm weekends encourage the wonderful people to stroll by us and toss us some snacks! Happy February everyone!
 P.S. If you liked the poem up top, Mack’s Musings about Love and More, is my bestselling book of poetry that is available upon request. It’s a Muscovy must-have for you and your sweetie.

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