Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - QUACK it’s me, Mack and I’m here to spread some cheer!
Twas the month of December at the NCED,
And I saw in the lobby they put up a tree.
Us ducks are outside, we’re making a list,
Cause the morning of Christmas, no duck should be missed!
I want a bike and Maureen asked for skis,
The ducklings want skates and pads for their knees.
No, we won’t be flying to Florida this year,
When the snow and the ice come, we’d rather stay here.
We’re champion sledders, we slide and we shred
Our feathers are frozen by time we go to bed.
Sure it’s sad when our people friends leave,
But we have our own fun, this you can believe.
I’ll get inside the building with Maureen close behind,
Then we’ll call in the ducklings and food we shall find.
No holiday is complete without a magnificent feast,
No animals were harmed, they were simply released.
Thanksgiving was splendid; in fact I’m still running slow,
But if you tell me you’re caroling I’ll be ready to GO!

PS. It’s a perfectly fine tradition to leave cookies out for the ducks on Christmas Eve, I’m sure we can find some presents to give you in return.

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