Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Hallo-waddle from your favorite ducks and ducklings! You may not have known this but us Muskogees become very mischievous near the end of October. I, Mack have decided to play up my distinct eye markings and become a red-masked ninja duck! Ka-pow! After the ducklings and I make our rounds around the property trick-or-treating, I plan to spend the rest of the night sneaking around ninja style. Maureen has decided to be a wicked witch for this spook-tacular holiday. She “borrowed” a broom from one of the housekeepers and she is convinced that come Halloween night, she will be able to take flight and soar through the sky. I am a firm believer that anything can happen on Halloween so as I’m scaling the side of the hotel being a duck-ninja, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for Maureen flying on broomstick. The ducklings have spent all month planning their costumes and after much deliberation they decided on a group theme. Each duck is a member of the X-men; I’d pay special attention to the smallest duck that decided to be Wolverine (I spotted him gathering twigs for claws). Even the ducklings are not above using scare-quacktics to set the mood. They told Maureen and I that they plan on spooking all the guests by jumping out from behind bushes and screeching (as best as ducks can). The ducklings tried this out on a goose once and that poor goose didn’t have the courage to leave its nest for over a month. We Muskogees don’t hold anything back when it comes to Halloween. We even tried to carve pumpkins as a family but our wings and webbed feet simply don’t have the dexterity to hold a carving utensil. After head-butting the orange gourd a few dozen times without a single dent, we decided that we’d rather just have the kitchen bake us a tasty pumpkin pie. Oh, and don’t leave your candy unattended. There’s really no sweet treat that we won’t gobble up! We even love the healthy stuff; if the popcorn balls and pretzels disappoint you, we’ll be more than happy to take those off your hands. Don’t worry about inviting us to your fancy Halloween party though; it’s a full time job haunting the NCED! If you bring us the treats, we’ll be dishing out plenty of tricks. BOO from our brood to yours!

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