Friday, September 30, 2011

Mack and Maureen here! Well its football season and we are just quackers for the Sooners! The night before a big game, we can feel the excitement in the air. We take that time to give our ducklings’ the game plan for game days at the NCED. First, oodles of football fans will be checking in and no doubt checking us out. Now, some may look tough but on the inside they are as fuzzy as a baby chick! The only negative part of the football fanatics is that they leave our property for hours to go to the game! I don’t wanna brag but Maureen and I host a tailgate that is guaranteed to make your tail shake. Too bad all the guests are too busy taking shuttles, calling cabs, and driving their cars to campus.  However, when the fans flock back to the NCED the party gets right back to flappin’!  Maureen can hardly wait till the next home game and I’ve been running plays with the ducklings; I think they show real promise for the Heisman. Whew! I’m getting winded just talking about the excitement of game day in Norman; good thing there’s always the scrumptious breakfast buffet to look forward to in the morning! Remember that even though our duck bodies are somewhat football-esque never ever dropkick a duck. When do you want a duck football team? When he’s the star line quacker. BOOMER SOONER!

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