Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let us introduce ourselves...

Quack! Qua-Oh, excuse me! How rude, my name is Mack and sometimes I forget that not everyone knows me, and that even fewer actually speak duck. I am the original Muscovy duck here at the NCED Conference Center. You could also call me a Muskogee duck, either name is correct and either way, I’m still Mack. Life as an NCED duck is pretty sweet, people feed you popcorn, you can spend all day taking long paddles in the pond, and best of all I’ve got my beautiful mate, Maureen by my wing. You see, up until a year ago, I was the sole Muskogee mallard on property. The wonderful people on the inside noticed that my luxurious life was lacking but one thing, love! My Maureen is a marvelous Muscovy just like me and from the moment we met we knew we could never be without the other. Could you guess that together we were supposed to scare away the unwelcome geese guests? Maureen and I might not be the prettiest birds but we’re certainly no good at spookin’ fellow facility critters. However, Maureen has a knack for mothering and all the ducks that you see waddling around were once our precious ducklings, much like the fuzzy brood we have trailing us now. Now, we never stopped by the front desk to check in but you can bet your beak that we’re here to stay! There is no better place for a Muskogee duck to live and raise a family-there’s always something exciting to see, or hear; that’s right, I’m talkin’ about you, karaoke singers! Maureen and I can’t wait to fill you in on the entertaining events happening right here at our NCED.

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