Friday, March 29, 2013


Help! I’ve come down with…
No, this isn’t something you need to see Tom in the health clinic about! Spring fever can only be cured by venturing outside the hotel doors, into the sunlight- take it from the ducks! Us ducks are always outdoors but there’s no better time to be a duck than in the spring time. I’m assuming by now all you intelligent NCED folks are familiar with the daily duck agenda; swimming, waddling, crossing the street, etc. but what’s a human to do in the spring weather?! Well, from what I hear, the chatter in the courtyards suggests that the fitness area can prescribe some great spring activities to get you moving and grooving! A few of these activities I can personally recommend because I have had a whack at them myself, such as walking or jogging on the two facility trails, renting some golf equipment and hitting a local course, and you can even partake in tennis lessons. Alright maybe I, myself haven’t actually ever had a tennis lesson but Maureen says I have the build of a natural athlete.  And if my legs were longer you would definitely see me cruising around Norman on a bicycle. Biking is something I’ll leave for YOU to enjoy but if you would, rent a bike for me and come and tell me about your adventures when you get back. I’ll be in the north courtyard, or the pond, or outside the main learning center, either way the point is, I’ll be here!
Quack, quack, quack, quack, QUACK! (That means the NCED rocks our flock!)


Mack and Maureen

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